Thank you Genesis Journeys for ALL of the seen and unseen work you did for me to be in the absolute best environment for a complete immersion into myself!  I had no idea what to expect nor did I know how to navigate a spiritual hospital, with my guides’ direction though, I walked away being a more authentic, patient, ALIVE, faithful person.  I am forever grateful to the team’s guidance, assistance in sorting through “my stuff”, lovingly holding my feet to the coals, and for the incredible life lessons integrated through this process.  If you are seeking a vacation in Brazil, this group probably isn’t for you, if you are serious about transforming your life and seeking your authentic empowered self, seeking a connection to truth…you will not find a better fit than Genesis Journeys!    — K.S.

Six months after I heard about John of God in Abadiania Brazil I felt the time was right to take a break from family caregiving and take care of myself. My husband and children said “that would be so good for you!” I was surprised! They knew I was doing little to take care of myself despite my meager efforts to make it look like I was. 
I’m so glad that I contacted Genesis Journeys to guide me through this very spiritual and healing journey! Little did I know that once I made the decision to go, the trip would become so easy! I could hardly believe that I went online to book my connecting flights to a foreign country where I could not speak the language and then applied for a passport and visa. 
I am so thankful that I entrusted Genesis Journeys to arrange for the accommodations, meals and airport transportation. It was so easy. I am very very grateful to Sheri and Gloria for the loving guidance, support and care that they provided! They took me step by step through Casa protocol and my healing journey which became one of the most trans-formative trips I’ve ever taken- spiritually, emotionally and physically. I read that everyone’s experience will be different and I went with an open mind without expectations- I had so many things that could be healed! This journey to John of God was beyond what I could have imagined or hoped for. 
I expected very little and received SO MUCH! 
This was an amazing life changing trip that I am truly grateful that I took, especially under the care and guidance of Sheri and Gloria and Genesis Journeys. They did more for me than I will ever know under God’s watchful direction. This was a great opportunity for a quiet introspective time and deepening my faith and my relationship with God. If you’re thinking of traveling to John of God, my advice is to go without expectations (your experience will be unique to you), to choose Genesis Journeys to guide you, and to observe and listen to your guidance to get the most benefit from your trip! 
I can feel my physical healing with joy and peace as I integrate the changes from this trip into my daily life. Thank you Sheri and Gloria!  –Mary A

I couldn’t imagine visiting the Casa without the guided assistance from Genesis Journeys. I was unaware of the scale of the ‘production’ of the Casa. Being guided helped me accelerate my process because I didn’t have to be concerned with where to be or what to do. Everything was set up for me. Between that and staying at the pousada, it felt like 1st class treatment the entire time. It far exceeded my expectations, and I knew it was going to be amazing. I always felt my needs were being met in regards to my process. Being guided also assisted me with the daily amount of respect and work the Casa is. I knew I couldn’t have given all I that I did without the help of being guided daily. I am truly blessed to have had the experience of the Casa with Genesis Journeys.

I feel so blessed to have experienced my first visit to John of God with Genesis Journeys.  This experience exceeded my expectation 1000 fold, although I will admit I was not sure what to expect.  Our guides, Sheri and Gloria were phenomenal. Each brought a special gift to the group – almost like a tag team.  They navigated the group effortlessly through the Casa protocol and yet assisted me individually in my personal process appropriately guiding me forward.  The pousada was simple yet efficient and the food was absolutely AMAZING!  I am forever grateful for this initial experience and look forward to a return visit with these awesome women.  – – Peggi

Opportunities for intensive  introspection are hard to come by which is why I found great value in taking part in Genesis Journeys.  It was important to me to be able to put life on pause for introspective meditation while being surrounded by loving, understanding guides like Sherry and Gloria who not only brought me comfort during my time there but also pushed me to look deeper within myself for real change. – – Billy H.

From the moment I had my first conversation with Gloria and Sherri, I felt things moving. My mind and heart were in a very bad way. I couldn’t work sometimes because my anxiety rendered me useless. I didn’t even have to speak these words to them. It’s like they picked up on my energy and offered a shoulder to cry on and cry I did. Sherri and Gloria had to explain things to me in many different ways in order for me to understand. I really appreciated it. I needed them to show me errors in my thinking through lots of examples and they always welcomed me with open arms. I felt a warmth from them I never really knew and for once in my life I wasn’t trying to understand it or pick it apart. I simply opened my heart to them and the experience. I had no idea what I was in for but they always made sure I felt comfortable and safe. I had Alot of work to do on myself. Events and pains from what seemed like ages ago needed to be faced again. I understand now that I have so much more to learn.

Leaving Brazil was probably the toughest feeling I’ve felt in awhile. I finally found a place and was surrounded by people with pure love and light on there hearts. I guess my body just didn’t want to leave because on that day I got a very bad migraine. Gloria came in to check up on me and just as I was about to give up, she sat next to me and told me to breathe. She prayed over me and I feel it gave me the strength to make it through my journey.

Being back in Peru, I still felt the peace I brought with me from Brazil. I noticed things didn’t bother me. I didn’t stress over things that were out of my control. I can sense my energy in a good place. I still have along way to go but I love the work I did and one great lesson I learned in helping others we help ourselves. I had so many realizations and I am so grateful for Sherri and Gloria to be there with me every step of the way. Whenever I felt fear or negative, just one conversation with them lifts me. I’m so happy to know I have such good people so invested in my spirit. They reminded me it was ok to ask for help and I don’t know how I’ll ever repay them. This journey was completely worth everything and anything you have to do to make it. – – Lyann L.

To two wonderful guides.  To Ms Sherry and Ms Gloria on a most remarkable three weeks.  I am most blessed to have had you as my guide, you were so attentive and caring I knew I was in good hands.  My experience was one of wonders, I will be back for more you can be sure of that.I enjoyed every moment of what the Casa had to offer especially meeting the Healer JOAO.  I was not sure of anything and didn’t know what to do but with your help and guidance I was in heaven.  The Crystal beds and especially the waterfall was a blessing. I can truthfully say I am Healed. I would gladly recommend anyone who wants healing n special care to these two wonderful women.  All my love and respect for them being there — Cindy