John of God

The Casa de Dom Inacio is named after Inacio de Loyola (St. Ignatius). It was founded in 1979 by Medium Joao Teixeira de Farias (John of God) as part of his healing mission.  The casa is an ecumenical spiritual hospital where people from all over Brazil and the world come seeking healing for innumerable physical, mental and spiritual ailments. Everyone is welcome to the Casa de Dom Inacio regardless of creed, race, education, social background, nationality or financial position.  All are welcome and invited.   Millions of people have come to the casa seeking help.  Many of them have been cured of ailments ranging from Cancer and AIDS to fractures and vision problems.  Thanks to the work of the benevolent spirits of the casa many people now enjoy normal lives.  Visitors continue to come from all corners of the world.  In a typical day the casa will treat over one thousand people.

“It is recommended by the Casa, and John of God, at least on your 1st trip, and even subsequent trips. that you go with a Casa Guide.  The Casa is filled to overflowing with people and many protocols, which an experienced Casa Guide will help you to navigate. Traveling with a Casa recommended Guide you will be able focus on what is important to you, and you are sure to get the highest benefit. There are many healing protocols, instructions and nuances that you will most likely  miss going on your own. The Casa Guides provide all the logistics, ie taxi, lodging, translation support, Casa Protocols, including care during your healing experience etc.etc”~~ Quote from The Friends of the Casa official website

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Sheri and Gloria

Sheri and Gloria are an exceptionally balanced team that share a passion for helping others.   They each possess many years of experience in emotionally/spiritually assisting others through deep processes of healing.

Gloria Hayes was born and raised in Peru.  She has been a US citizen for over 20 years. Gloria first went to the Casa in 2008 in response to a diagnosis of breast cancer, of which she was healed in subsequent visits of varying duration.

Gloria’s deep abiding faith touches all those who meet her. She is tireless when it comes to assisting others. She has been working closely with
the Casa for 8 years in the remote healing of those who ask her for help.

Gloria and her mostly-retired husband Liam reside in Florida.

Sheri Lynn was born and raised in the US.  She had a lifetime history of debilitating migraines and unpredictable physical imbalance including food allergies, depression, blood sugar disorders, bone disease etc. This led her on a path of seeking wellness through self responsibility.  As a result, in 2006 she founded Genesis Transformation , a coaching system for health.


Sheri and Gloria

After exhaustive attempts at relief through various modalities, Sheri finally experienced profound breakthroughs at the Casa through a deep process of spiritual cleansing and renewal.

Sheri and her husband David Cohen reside in Montana, where they own Genesis Kitchen and also administrate a physical wellness program in a local lumber mill for sawmill workers.